Food. Family. Simplicity.


Busy schedules are forcing Americans everywhere to compromise the quality of their meals for convenience. Today, consumers are craving healthier and more casual options over traditional fast food concepts like burgers and pizza. Uncle Sharkii is giving the people what they want: fusions of exotic flavors, fresh, organic ingredients, and a simple menu to keep customers satisfied and on the go!



Launching a business is a monumental process. Opening an established franchise is exponentially easier. Our team at Uncle Sharkii is more than happy to answer any questions and walk you through the franchise process!

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Poke franchising

The Uncle Sharkii Story

From humble beginnings, Uncle Sharkii is the brainchild of Raymond & Fenny. Fenny is a tenacious, funny, and hip girl from Hunan, China, while Raymond is a laid-back native Hawaiian who exemplifies all aspects of “chill.” Despite being born into different worlds, it seems like fate pushed Fenny and Raymond towards each other. In 2017, they both owned and operated a small, brick-and-mortar ice cream store together.

After a year, Fenny wanted to shake things up and introduce a menu item that stems from her husband’s heritage: the poke bowl. Given the chilled environment of an ice cream shop, it was a seamless transition. What began as a trickle of curiosity from their regulars grew to huge waves of demands from newcomers!

With a purpose to serve the people with “poke bowls made simple,” Fenny’s new concept bore potential for huge growth. All she needed was a unique brand.

Exclusive Food Court Model

Flash back to a life-changing family trip to China. Fenny and Raymond took their daughter, Melody, to meet Fenny’s family members in Hunan. When Melody met her uncle for the first time, he gifted her with a plush shark toy while they ate Asian snack foods together.

This intimate scene of family bonding over food was a memory Fenny could not shake from her head. That’s when she realized that she should frame her business around this memory. Uncle Sharkii is the bond between a girl named Melody and her uncle sharing the love of food, family, and of course, the gift of a plush shark!

Owning a Poke Restaurant

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