Fast Food and Healthy Food

Life is stressful. Between family, work, and important commitments, Americans juggle crazy schedules. It’s the daily grind. Unfortunately, the constant push for individuals to accomplish the necessary can often lead to poor diet choices, simply because of the lack of time. Putting a lot of effort into making a full meal after coming home drained and hungry from a long day doesn’t exactly sound exciting. Making a quick stop for fast food on the way home definitely seems like a better plan!

Or not. Fast Food Healthy Food

Many people go with the fast food option when it comes to meals. It’s fast, easy, and gratifies a hungry stomach. But the health benefits of fast food are hardly satisfying. Packed full of sodium, unhealthy fats, and high in calories, fast food rarely features vegetables and never much nutrition.

But with a rise in health problems, now more than ever, Americans have become increasingly interested in alternative fast food options. They crave a grab and go option that feeds the body with proteins, fiber, veggies, and proper nutrition. And, of course, tastes delicious because no one wants to gnaw on rabbit food!

The Hawaiian Poke Bowl, flavorful and packed with wholesome ingredients, has recently become increasingly popular. Taking social media by storm, the Poke Bowl has become a healthy, delicious, and fun alternative to typical fast good. And because it’s exceptionally easy to make, it really truly is fast food. Fresh raw fish, usually either ahi tuna or salmon, crunchy vegetables, and tasty sauces and seasonings, all tossed on a bed of rice or lettuce, the Poke Bowl is quick and easy to make. As a result of its wholesome ingredient list, the Poke Bowl is extremely healthy, highlighting necessities such as omega-3 fatty acids, substantial protein, fresh vegetables, and low fat. Although the Hawaiian Poke Bowl is becoming more popular in the states, it’s still fairly new, having started showing up around 2012. But it’s catching on and people are enjoying the cultural cuisine. Restaurants offering the Poke Bowl have risen to popularity as people are hungry for more. Fast Food Healthy Food

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar is a Hawaiian franchise that is passionate about serving the traditional Poke Bowl. Realizing that there is a need for healthy fast food options, husband and wife owners, Raymond and Fenny, stepped up to satisfy that need. More than ever before, people are truly serious about their health and eating right. But with few healthy fast food options, Raymond and Fenny knew that something needed to be done. Hence the birth of Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar. Using only the freshest organic ingredients, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar produces tasty and traditional Hawaiian Poke Bowls in a fast food way. Needing no cook time (with the exception of cooking rice), the Poke Bowls are ordered and then efficiently put together for a hungry someone to grab and go. The laid back restaurant style, often in malls or kiosks, puts the Poke Bowl right in the center of popularity… exactly where everyone needs it! This brilliant design has taken off and Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar will be opening new locations up the coast of California and Arizona. This is exactly what somebody who is serious about eating a wholesome diet while balancing a loaded schedule needs. Raymond and Fenny, business partners for life, have bridged the gap between fast food and healthy food. Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar makes it possible to maintain a healthy approach to meals, all while living that fast paced lifestyle Americans love. Fast Food Healthy Food

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar unique franchise model has enabled entrepreneurs to jump on the bandwagon. Because of its food court kiosk model, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar has exceptionally low startup costs starting around $75,950. Other poke bowl brands are roughly $250,000 which is quite a contrast, especially because stand alone locations can have other costs involved. Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar also connects their franchises with the right places to obtain ingredients that are fresh and the best quality. Each franchise is equipped with a consultant who will guide, cultivate, and support the new owner in producing the best traditional Poke Bowl. Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar is more than just a tasty meal; it’s legacy. Raymond and Fenny are committed to quality, excellence, and time honored tradition. With their modern franchise model, intent on producing the best Poke Bowl with the finest ingredients, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar will certainly be on the rise in popularity. It’s a company built off of, as they put it, “food, family, and simplicity.” Fast Food Healthy Food

Yes, life is stressful, but it isn’t necessary to add stress by depleting the body of the nutrition it needs. With Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar, it is possible to balance a crazy schedule and wholesome healthy meals. Fast and easy, yet hearty and satisfying, the Poke Bowl is a cultural phenomenon. Bringing a little bit of Hawaii back to the states, Raymond and Fenny have contributed to the health and vitality of crowds of hungry people. Fast paced is a lifestyle, but so is healthy eating. Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar has bridged the gap and made wholesome fast food a reality.

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