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Poke originated from Hawaii as a snack for fishermen. The recipe was simple: raw tuna, candlenut, seaweed, and limu. Today's poke bowls have derived far from this recipe, incorporating elements from Tex-Mex bowls that offer frivolous toppings, conflicting with the essence of poke bowls. Uncle Sharkii found the sweet spot of the modern poke bowl, offering a healthy balance of tradition and customizability.


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We Swim Against The Current

Food. Family. Simplicity. We see through our values with a simple menu that includes a signature Uncle Sharkii recipe along with protein choices like ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, spicy scallops, and tofu. From there, customers have the option to choose from a base of rice, leafy greens, or a combination of both. Toppings for our Uncle Sharkii poke bowls remain true to the heritage while being accommodating to modern fast-casual options. Choices include masago eggs, seaweed salad, imitation crab, sliced cucumbers, corn, onions, scallions, jalapeños, roasted sesame seeds, furikake, minced garlic, wasabi, and ginger.

Our simple menu is the foundation of our success, as eliminating an overwhelming selection of irrelevant toppings reduced confusion and ordering time for customers in line. By focusing on providing customers with heaps of fresh seafood and cutting frivolous toppings, we keep satisfaction and profit margins high!  Customers can wash their meals and quench their thirst with an array of Boba teas with Asian-infused flavors that include taro milk, honeydew milk, mango, black milk, and jasmine green.

What makes investing to open your own Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® is our dedication to keeping the business structure streamlined. We do this by offering an exclusive food court business model that franchisees can operate within malls and shopping centers. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to generate profits in locations where there is high foot traffic and the clientele is already in a shopping mentality! Combined with a food concept that requires no expensive kitchen equipment, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® is the optimal franchise with low-start up costs and lightning-fast returns on their return of investments.

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