Estimated Initial Investment

Uncle Sharkii has developed and streamlined its franchising program for potential investors that places them in opportunities for long-term success. Starting your very own Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® franchise location requires an initial investment that encompasses everything needed to properly open. The following breakdown is an estimate of various expenditures that vary by location and any one of the four Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® concepts offered: 

One-time Franchise Fee: $29,900

Opening Inventory: $5,500 - $25,000

Equipment, TV, Cameras & Supplies: $2,000 - $60,000

Restaurant Buildout: $3,000 - $60,000

Your Estimated Initial Investment: $75,000 - $334,400

In addition to these basic expenses, the estimated initial investment also covers business licenses and permits, real estate rent deposits, attorney fees, and other essentials for a strong business. When owning your very own Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® franchise a personal business consultant will be there with you to help guide and see you through your development as a franchisee. The consultant will go above and beyond the grand opening to ensure your proper operations for a long term success!  


Launching a business is a monumental process. Opening an established franchise is exponentially easier. Our team at Uncle Sharkii is more than happy to answer any questions and walk you through the franchise process!

Seeking Franchisees in Available & Target Markets
Across the USA & International.

Uncle Sharkii Franchising US Map

The Freshest Seafood A Sharkii Can Chomp Into!

 The nutritional vibrancy of a coral reef is only as good as the polyps that compose its foundation. Restaurants are no diffferent. Your ingredients are the polyps. At Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest-quality ingredients in the market! We introduce franchisees to our exclusive vendors and help them coordinate with reputable local vendors to ensure the quality we're known for!

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