Rising Tides!

The tides of the poke bowl concept is rising and flooding the fast-casual food industry with demands for more locations. With a growing social awareness over the benefits of eating organic and healthy foods, investing to launch an Uncle Sharkii location is a wise idea for food-savvy investors who seek quick returns on an investment with low start-up costs. If you’re interested in making a splash in your community with vibrant poke bowls, call Uncle Sharkii today and get started on launching your very own Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® 

Poke Franchising Opportunity


Launching a business is a monumental process. Opening an established franchise is exponentially easier. Our team at Uncle Sharkii is more than happy to answer any questions and walk you through the franchise process!

Seeking Franchisees in Available & Target Markets
Across the USA & International.

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Join Uncle Sharkii's Feeding Frenzy!

Poke bowls are the hottest concept in the fast-casual industry, meaning there is a window of opportunity for one brand to become the face of poke in the U.S. market. By investing in your own Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar® franchise, not only will you generate profit through a streamlined business model - you will also join a team that strives to be known as the poke bowl spot.

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