What Are Poke Bowls?

Poke Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Poke Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

If you haven’t heard of poke bowls, you’ve been living under a rock! In the past decade, there has been an explosion of poke restaurants around the country, making poke bowls the hottest trending concept in the fast-casual industry! People love the vibrant, fresh, and organic elements of poke bowls, as well as the eclectic mix of flavors from the seafood and vegetables! 

Tropical, Pacific Origins

Poke originated from Hawaii as a snack for fishermen while they were out at sea. Initial recipes were as simple as diced fish (‘diced’ being an essential element!), seaweed, candlenuts, and a variety of seasonings. The dish grew from being a small staple of Hawaiian cuisine to becoming one of the most popular and sought-after meals in the 21st century!

Poke Is Personal

One of the most appealing aspects about poke bowls are their ability to be customized to fit each customer’s craving. Whether they want to double up on proteins and add scallops to their spicy tuna, or drizzle a rainbow of sauces over their bowl, poke bowls are one of the few dishes around that let you have it your way. With vegan options (tofu) available, there is a poke bowl for everyone!

Are Poke Bowls Healthy?

Because poke is primarily composed of raw seafood and a diverse abundance of vegetables, it is one of the healthiest ways to energize yourself. Tuna, salmon, shrimp, and scallops are optimal sources of protein and omega-3 fats (these fats are heart-healthy and crucial for maintaining cardiovascular health). Cucumbers, onions, carrots, scallions, and jalapenos are loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants including Vitamin B, K, D, iron, fiber, and calcium. Although some poke bowls are composed with a base of cooked rice (a carb-heavy diet killer!), you can ask for a smaller portion, substitute it with leafy greens, or remove it completely for the ultimate healthy meal!

Why Uncle Sharkii is the Best Poke Franchise in the Market

Uncle Sharkii Keeps Poke Simple

If you look up poke bowl restaurants in your area, you’ll find more often than not that many of them have derived far from the essence of the original poke bowls. Many restaurants try too hard to modernize their menu, cramming in toppings and proteins that do not compliment the flavor pallet that poke bowls are known for delivering. These frivolous toppings include barbecue sauce, cheese, and chicken. At Uncle Sharkii, we acknowledge that poke is an emerging concept and is still new to many people. Our experience shows that when first-time customers are presented with a library of toppings, it slows the ordering process for everyone involved, resulting in confusion and negative experiences for customers. Uncle Sharkii’s simple menu makes it easy for first-timers to experience poke bowls, regulars to quickly order their favorite poke combination, and for franchisees to keep their overhead low!

Poke Bowls Bursting with Fish!

Let’s face it, when you eat at fast casuals where you get to decide how your meal is prepared, the aspect most customers are concerned with is the protein. Because Uncle Sharkii’s selection of toppings and sauces have been chosen with simplicity in mind, the most important question we’re concerned with answering is “How much fish is in my bowl?” Compared to other poke bowl concepts, Uncle Sharkii poke bowls hold more seafood to keep customers satisfied.

Food Court Poke Leads to Opportunity for Higher Profits

Our exclusive food court model positions each Uncle Sharkii franchisee inside shopping centers, where there will be high traffic of consumers with a predisposed shopping mentality. Without the need for a stand-alone property or pricey leasehold construction that can eat into the overhead, franchisees can garner a quick return on investment with the possibility for high-profit margins!

Unparalleled Franchisee Support

All Uncle Sharkii franchisees will undergo a comprehensive training program where they will learn everything there is to know about running a poke bar. Each franchisee is guided on how to: prepare our unique poke bowls and boba teas, provide excellent customer service, staff your location, accurately bookkeep your operation, and market your business to garner the most customers possible. We will also assist franchisees in searching for an appropriate location and help them see through their development to ensure a successful grand opening!

Benefits of Operating a Poke Restaurant

The simplicity of the poke bowl makes operating a poke restaurant incredibly efficient and affordable compared to other fast-casuals. While popular concepts like Chipotle, Five Guys, Panera, and Pieology require the utilization of expensive kitchen equipment to prepare their menu items, poke bowl concepts only need a few rice cookers as that is the most common warm ingredient in poke. Aside from that, poke bowl restaurants need proper refrigeration to store seafood and vegetables and basic kitchen utensils to prepare ingredients and create each bowl.

Poke Industry Statistics

With a growing awareness towards nutrition, healthy foods, and organic ingredients, poke bowl is quickly rising to meet the demands of today’s consumers. According to Global Poke Foods Market report, there is a projected CAGR growth of 23% for poke restaurants through the year 2023. As far as deliveries, Grubhub has reported a 205% increase in poke bowl orders since 2018, and experienced a rise in poke bowl popularity by 643% for total deliveries in the U.S. Industry forecasts are projecting poke to sustain its growth, making Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar the best poke bowl franchise to invest in!

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