The Poke Phenomenon

When it comes to new business ventures, some markets see more explosive growth than others. In the world of restaurants, poke has officially taken over as one of the best franchise opportunities. We are coining this rapid expansion of poke franchises the “Poke Phenomenon.”

The Poke Phenomenon

The Poke Phenomenon

What is Poke?

Poke originated in Hawaii. It is a dish that traditionally included raw tuna, rice, candlenut, seaweed, and limu. As the years passed, poke has since transformed to fit the modern consumer. Now, poke restaurants offer more types of fish, toppings, and sauces than what would originally be found in historic Hawaii. Poke consists of a bowl with a grain or salad base, fish, and additional toppings. These are tossed into a salad of sorts and offered to the consumer in its bowl. Most poke businesses allow the consumer to customize their order. Customers prefer poke because of its ease of access. Unlike toasted sandwiches, poke bowls do not have to be heated. This allows for a faster queue. Poke is generally low on carbohydrate and calories. For consumers who are conscious about their weight, this is a great alternative to sandwiches. Also, the ingredients of poke are rich in omega-3’s, fiber, iron, and antioxidants. Finally, poke bowls are generally cheaper than sushi. Savvy consumers can easily see the benefits towards their health and wallets when choosing poke over other lunch substitutes.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

There are over 700 poke restaurants in the United States. Some of these brands are offering franchise opportunities. When it comes to owning a poke restaurant, the startup costs are considerably lower than other ventures. For example, pizza and burgers require ovens, grills, and expensive ventilation systems. The only appliances needed for poke are a refrigerator to store the fish and rice cookers. With a smaller startup cost, this allows investors and franchisees to recoup their money faster than a traditional restaurant. While poke bowls are affordable for raw-fish lovers compared to sushi, poke concepts can easily make some extra money by offering premium ingredients. With over one hundred common edible fish species, and thousands of others to experiment with, there is ample opportunity for a poke bowl location to carve a name for themselves in this market. With so many successful poke concepts, it may be hard for potential owners to find the franchise opportunity that they most align with. The next section details some successful poke businesses, two of which are currently offering franchise opportunities for passionate entrepreneurs.

Key Players in the Poke Space

Are you looking for a poke franchise opportunity? While there are many poke bowl brands in the market, some businesses are more established than others. One such example is Pokéworks, one of the United States’ fastest-growing poke chains. After opening in 2015, they now have over 19 locations, seven of which are franchised. Since the expansion of their poke franchises, they now accumulate $12 million annually in revenue and plan on doubling their locations through additional franchising opportunities this year.

Another example of a successful poke company is Sweetfin. In their first year of opening in Santa Monica, they made $2 million in revenue. They have since expanded throughout Los Angeles and are looking for more expansion opportunities. Unfortunately for potential franchisees, Sweetfin is not open for franchising.

Fortunately, Uncle Sharkii is offering a poke franchise opportunity. Since 2018, Uncle Sharkii has opened two locations in California. They are about to open 12 more throughout Arizona and California. Their comprehensive training program, proven business model, and delicious recipes makes Uncle Sharkii a coveted franchise opportunity. Partner with Uncle Sharkii for a place in the poke phenomenon.

Uncle Sharkii’s Story

What makes Uncle Sharkii so unique? Unlike other poke bowl brands that have strayed far from the Hawaiian tradition, Uncle Sharkii has maintained the history of Hawaiian poke while still catering to the needs of today’s consumers.

Uncle Sharkii was founded by Raymond and Fenny. Raymond is a native Hawaiian man. His wife Fenny is from China. They opened a small ice cream shop in 2017, and Fenny introduced her husband’s heritage to their menu by offering poke bowls. News of their poke bowls spread, and their demand skyrocketed. The couple knew that their concept was a best seller; they just needed to create the brand.

When Raymond and Fenny traveled to China to meet Fenny’s family, their daughter Melody joined. Melody received a shark plush toy from her uncle while they ate Asian snacks together. Fenny was inspired by the familial bonding and decided to encapsulate this moment as her brand name. Uncle Sharkii represents the bond between a niece and her uncle and their love for food, family, and a plush shark. They are now looking to expand their poke franchise so that others can fall in love with the cuisine.

Poke Franchise Opportunity

How much would it cost to open your very own Uncle Sharkii? This poke franchise is extremely affordable! The investment in this franchise opportunity covers all essentials for owning a successful business. Its lowest total investment is just $76,000. This could go as high as $180,000. The main difference in price is the construction cost, which can be as low as $3,000. Uncle Sharkii’s streamlined franchising program will help place potential investors in locations that offer long-term success. Uncle Sharkii is committed to their franchisees and will offer training and guidance to their partners.

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