There’s a new seafood craze that is flooding social media posts and menus everywhere – and if you haven’t heard of it, you might be living under a rock! It’s called poke – a Hawaiian dish composed of raw fish served on rice or salad, and topped with veggies and a variety of sauces. Despite its very lengthy history and extreme availability in Hawaii, it wasn’t until a few years ago when the poke concept emerged into the mainstream. Now, there are multiple poke franchises popping up everywhere and it’s becoming one of the hottest business to own. Before we get into any poke franchise opportunities offered by Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar, let’s discuss what goes into a poke bowl.

What is the Poke Concept?

What Consists of a Poke Bowl?

What makes the poke concept more appealing than other fast-casual options is poke’s ability to be completely customizable. Let’s breakdown the ingredients that make up the dish:

Base: All poke bowls start with a base of either rice or spring mix. Some people enjoy the contrasting temperatures between the warm rice and cold fish, while others prefer the crunchy health-benefits of a salad under their fish.

Fish: The most important part of any poke concept, and perhaps the main focal point of Uncle Sharkii’s approach to poke: the fish! The most commonly used fish is ahi tuna, salmon, and snapper. However, some poke concepts break the mold by including options such as shrimp, chicken, tofu, and even octopus!

Toppings: This is where poke really gets creative. Perhaps utilized more for their textures rather than their flavors, poke toppings are as diverse as the colors that make up the dish! Common options include avocados, seaweed, shaved onions, and crispy garlic.

Sauces & Dressings: Most of the sauces that are drizzled over poke bowls include soy sauce, shoyu, ponzu, and sesame oil. These are used because of their ability to compliment the fish meats being used. This is where Uncle Sharkii thrives – while other poke concepts include weird sauces like BBQ and buffalo, Uncle Sharkii remains true to the original recipe for poke bowls by only offering traditional sauces native to Hawaii and Asia.

Is Poke Simply a Trend?

Simply answered, it is not. The reason people love poke bowls (aside from the appetizing flavors and bright aesthetics) is the health benefits behind every bowl. Commonly utilized ingredients that go into each poke bowl are rich in omega-3’s, iron, riboflavin, Vitamin K, and more! It’s considered one of the healthier options if you ever need a bite to eat on the go! 

Is There a Poke Franchise Opportunity for Me?

Every entrepreneur dreams of being their own boss. When it comes to opening a restaurant by yourself, there is a 50% chance that you might not stay open after a year. This is way riskier than investing in a franchise opportunity, which has a 92% survival rate after the first five years. Franchising provides you with all the help, tools, and experience you need to start a business under someone else’s brand. With multiple poke concepts coming into fruition, a lot of them have been developing into poke franchises in order to get a head start on expanding in this emerging trend.

Why Uncle Sharkii Offers the Best Poke Franchise Opportunity

Cheap and Economical Franchise Opportunity

Compared to other poke concepts, Uncle Sharkii is one of the most affordable poke franchises on the market while not deriving from the original Hawaiian recipes. Ultra-economical start-up expenses combined with a minimal and streamlined business model provides franchisees the ability and leeway to garner a quick return on your investment with potential for high profit margins. Other poke concepts carry a hefty price tag for others to open a poke franchise under their name due to the fact that many require franchisees to open stand-alone locations. Uncle Sharkii’s in-line business model invites franchisees to own and operate a poke bar in an environment where there is high foot traffic.

Unwavering Franchisee Support

Other franchises throw a manual on your lap and expect you to get it done. With Uncle Sharkii, our franchise opportunity provides franchisees with a fully-equipped franchise team designed to help you find a location, coordinate you with the top vendors in the industry, and help you with the backend facets of the business, including marketing, bookkeeping, and staffing your location.

Values are Everything           

At Uncle Sharkii, we value family more than anything. While other poke concepts with franchise opportunities treat franchisees as an extension to their business. We make sure that every Uncle Sharkii franchisee shares the same values that we’ve built our humble restaurant on in order to ensure long term success for both parties involved. If you have any inquiries on becoming a business owner under one of the most promising brands in the poke industry, franchising an Uncle Sharkii may be best for you!

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